¡Hola familia y amigos!

This is Elizabeth and Mason coming at you! (AKA your favorite LDD’s)

Today was very exciting, there was no wakeup call, a long breakfast and our first free day outside of the hotel! For breakfast, we had cereal, pineapple, and enjoyed some parfaits. Then, we had free time until lunch which was at 12. During that time many people played cards, talked or planned for our next teaching day. Shout out to Maggie for letting us call home and even Facetime!

For lunch, we had salad, arroz con gandules, and chicken. After lunch, the students signed up to venture the town in groups of at least four and a GGL (Global Glimpse Leader). Many people enjoyed the time out by buying matching bracelets, clothes and a cold treat from our favorite ice cream shop, Splash. But, other Glimpsers took the opportunity to freshen up with mani-pedis at the hotel! Thanks to Taurica (our loving medical fellow) we had local professionals come in and students signed up for appointments.

After all students returned, we had dinner at 7 PM. For dinner, we were surprised with hotdogs and fries! At 8 PM we had our nightly meeting. After reflecting on our day we passed on the torch to the next LDD’s.

Overall, we were the greatest LDD’s of all time. Today was a very relaxing day which was much needed after all the activities we’ve done so far. Thanks to everyone leaving comments, we sure do appreciate them!

P.S. Sorry for the late post the WIFI was out

We out!

◊ Mason and Elizabeth ◊