HELLOOOOO FAMILES! Today’s Leaders of the Day 7 were Whitney and Yota. Today we had our first free day where we had a chance to go out with ambassadors and explore the city. For breakfast today we were excited to eat cereal. In the afternoon, all of us were very excited to finally buy SNACKS that a lot of us have been waiting for. Our first free day was very touching because we also had the chance to call home and listen to our close one’s voices and catch up with them. After enjoying  our free day we got back to the accommodation to prepare for our second English tutoring class. We had a lot of fun because we have built relationships with our students and we have begun to feel closer to them. The quote of today was, “If you want to go fast go alone; if you want to go far go together.” During our nightly meeting the Glimpsers shared that they were happy to experience the true culture of the locals and we got to grow as a family.

Our next free day will be on July 6th. We will be calling from 7 to 9 am Pacific time, so BE AWAKE AND READY FOR A PHONE CALL!!!!!!!! We love you!

Shout out to the Ramos family! Love and miss you guys so much! See you soon!! From Whitney

PS: Sorry, no pictures today. We were too busy shopping, teaching, and talking to you all!