So today was our first free day ! We woke up at seven and had some breakfast at 8. After that, we came back to the hostel and we prepared our laundry to be washed. Then we had our history seminar in which we learned most of the history of Nicaragua like the politics, economy, wars, and the natural disasters that have taken place and have influenced the poverty and the way of life in Nicaragua. We had a lot of free time today and we went to lunch after our free time in which we just chilled at the hostel and had fun playing bonding games. Then after a break we split into two groups and the first group went to the internet cafe to contact our loved ones and then went grocery shopping. The second group did the same but also went walking around in the market and going to the shops nearby. We then came back and chilled at the hostel having a lot of fun eating, sleeping, laughing and getting to know each other more. At 6:30 we had a yummy dinner of pancakes, eggs, beans and rice, bread, and juice and the executive directer and some of the head people of global glimpse joined us and are spending the night at our hostel. We then got our laundry back and had our nightly meeting which was filled with big love for everyone and we laughed for a good while. Today we learned that having patience is very important to have a functioning group and that everyone here is family. I am proud today that we all stayed together as a group and had a lot of fun just chilling and getting to relax. The most inspiring person I have met today would be our leader Eliza who came and talked to us and spent time with us. She inspires me to also keep in touch with the world as I grow up. To help and be a great leader. It was pretty awesome to be leader of the day because everyone listens to you and you are in charge and have to keep up with the responsibility that you are given. I learned today that being shy only gets in the way of accomplishing what you want so my shyness is definitely going away and I am getting more comfortable here.