Hi, my name is Asia and I was the leader of the day. Today we were assigned a free day, which means we got to sleep in and chill at the hotel for the first half of the day. This involved playing games with each other, taking time to socialize, and going into town and purchasing various items while broken into two groups. After lunch, we broke up into two groups walked around town, and visited stores, really getting to see what the town of Jarabacoa had to offer. This included souvenirs, snacks, clothes, etc. After we got back, we used our time to talk, play, and enjoy the items we purchased in town. Tonight I passed the torch onto Otto and Citlali.

Asides from that, for breakfast we had pancakes, eggs, bananas, and cereal. For lunch, we enjoyed rice, stew with beans, fried chicken, avocadoes, watermelon, veggies, and soy. Lastly, for dinner, we had chicken, tostones, veggies, corn and beans, and melons.

I had a lot of fun being Leader of the Day, today specifically because we had no events planned besides the trip into town and because the two groups got to interact with each other.