So we were able to sleep in until 8:00 am today due to it being a free day!!! Every one of us really enjoyed our free day, the whole day ranged from going to play basketball, walking around the town shopping, and going up to an amazing view.

Today was a free day here in Matagalpa, Nicaragua and we all enjoyed it greatly. A few of us went to the mountains to go hiking (Noah, Alondra, Coral, Ryan, Andrew A, Adriana,Angeli,Stegi, and Sravya). We started from the hostel and walked all the way up to the trail head, which was about a mile walk. To get to the trailhead was already a challenge, but the hike hadn’t even started! It was a beautiful 2 hour walk to the top of the mountain led by our wonderful leader and photographer Seth. Along the way, we stopped at a waterfall, crossed rivers, and fell on our butts. It was all good fun though, and we throughly enjoyed the trip to the top. On the hike, i had the pleasure of being the “butt” of our group. As group “butt” i pushed the people chilling in the back to walk faster. It was also my job to catch people when they slipped, fell, or almost died, hahah just kidding about the last one. It was a great hike and we kinda missed the other glimpsers who decided to stay back in town to play basketball and hang out. All in all, our day off in Matagalpa was well spent in nature having fun and kicking it with one another.

Peace out padres and madres,

Noah Seto

Hey all, I just wanted to mention how amazing and breath taking the view was at the top. As you can see in the photos we were able to see most of Matagalpa from there, it was extremely incredible. It rained on the way there so it was really cloudy and humid but overall a great experience.

Adriana Munoz

P.S I miss everyone back home(:

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