Hola! It’s Stephanie and Diana writing here! For today’s agenda we woke up at 8:30 and headed to breakfast at Roma Santa to have Isabel’s delicious food! Then we took the time to write letters of appreciation for our donors in Global Glimpse. After, we separated into two groups, and in our first free time some of us headed to Plaza Roja while others went to Café Paris. In Café Paris we ate some delicious crepes and we were able to have more bonding time with each other. After exploring, we walked as a group to the hotel while overcoming hectic traffic 🙁 When we got to the hotel we gathered together, did headcount, and “global gulp” to prepare for lunch at Isabel’s! We had a meal of chicken, salad, white rice and Maracuya juice. Although many of us were full, we tried our best to maintain our intake of food. Next, we gathered at Isabel’s to split up into groups where one person led the group while the others followed. Some of us stayed at the hotel to take a rest including Nessia, Stephanie, Sanza, Kevin, Isaiah, and I, while everyone else headed to nearby shops. We learned from one of the group members that Hazel, Mateo, and Esther bought amazing souvenirs such as ponchos, sweaters, bracelets, and other souvenirs. Everyone arrived safely at 4:45 at the hotel and took the rest of the hour to shower and rest until dinner. We realized how hard it is to maneuver through a place that you are new to. While many were excited to adventure to new places, we had to deal with hectic traffic and no phone directions! Many groups went out of their comfort zones to ask locals around the area for directions and trusted their directional instincts. For dinner, we ate amazing curry rice, fish fingers, and salad… of course by the amazing Isabel 😉

I was surprised to see how close all the restaurants and shops were to each other in Riobamba-Diana.

I was surprised by the amount of freedom we were given, and that we had to learn to take in our surroundings, which led us to take initiative.- Steph

As Lider Del Dia you have a lot of responsibility on our back, but I feel as though I was able to have patience and lead my peers in the right direction. However, my favorite part was being able to boss everyone around without it being obnoxious. – Diana

As Lider del Dia, you realized how hard it is to control a group of teenagers. Even when I felt stressed, having Diana with me made me feel comfortable.- Steph

At the end of the night, we passed the torch to Neidy and Kevin, our future LDDs for tomorrow!