Sunday was our free day! My peers and I got the opportunity to walk around the city in groups of four of more and just really take the time to enjoy the city. We split into different groups and went our ways. My group had quite an adventure! We spent a lot of time in a cafe enjoying some of Jinotega’s delicious coffee and went to explore the city. Unfortunately, Jinotega’s weather caught us off guard as it started pouring rain. Personally, this was my favorite part of the day. It was just an all around good feeling that could not be found in California. The scene was like it was pulled straight out of a movie and it was definitely an unforgettable moment. We arrived back to the hostel soaked all the way through. While some of us got drenched, some went to get souvenirs while others decided to catch up on their sleep. Either way all of us had a good time and were well rested for the rest of the week!