Hi, my name is Ahtziri Pena and I am a rising senior at Skyline High School and a college access program in Oakland called College Track. Last night, the hat was passed down to me, making me leader del dia for the rest of the night and for today until tonight’s nightly meeting, in which I passed down the hat to another Glimpser. Yesterday night, we had pizza delivered to the hostel after the nightly meeting. We then headed out to a club where we had the opportunity to socialize with the other delegation in Leon. We were all very enthusiastic since we do not normally get to go to a club. We all danced and had a great time. As we left the club a little before 12am, we said our goodbyes to the other delegation which left back to the United States today in the morning.

Today, I woke everyone up with a wake up call at 7:30 am. We had breakfast from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. We had free time from 9:00 am to 12:00pm. Before heading out of the hostel, many of us, Glimpsers, made sure to finish writing our final draft of our appreciation letters for our donors. During our free time, we all went souvenir shopping at the local markets. Lunch was at 12:00 pm, meaning that we all had to get back to the hostel no later than 11:45 am. From 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, we had free time again. We all used this time to go to the super market to buy food for our potluck/party at English tutoring. We then headed back to the hostel to drop off the food so that we could continue to enjoy our free time. A group went to play soccer, basketball, and volleyball at a basketball court. Another group continued to buy souvenirs. To end our free time, many glimpsers bought ice cream and stayed at the ice cream shop until it was time to head back to the hostel. By 4:45 pm, everyone was back at the hostel. Dinner was at 5:00 pm and at around 5:50, we headed to English tutoring where a potluck/party was soon to begin.

When we arrived to the school, each class set up the classrooms with the help of the students. We all ate and danced. We were enjoying each others company for one last time. The two hours of tutoring passed by quick. Saying our good byes to the students was sad, but we are all taking away wonderful memories from teaching English to them. We made sure to clean up the classrooms after the party and we headed back to the hostel. The nightly meeting began right away and as I finished my part of the nightly meeting, I passed down the hat to another lucky glimpser.

Buenas noches!