July 10, 2014

Today was our first free day. We had two free times during the day, the first of which was from 9-11:45 am, and the second being from 1-4:00 pm. Before we left for our free time, we had to sign in and out and we had to be in groups of four or more when we left. A lot of groups of girls and boys went separately during the free time. Our groups did a lot of things within an hour and half or less. The groups didn’t meander around far the most walking we did was probably  to the supermarket which is about six blocks from our hostel.

A lot of students visited the chocolate factory and one of the workers gave us a tour about the history of chocolate in Central America and how it grows. Some of us went to the internet cafe to keep up with their family members at home. Some of the girls went to the local clothing stores, visited the cathedral, went to the juice bar, went to the hammock store, and the boys went to go to Tip-Top which is comparable to a KFC in Central America. Some of them also got a chance to buy soccer jerseys because of the World Cup that is  happening. Our eating schedule was the same: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, we had fruit salad with a type of vegetable juice. Lunch was the biggest meal, which was rice and a choice of meat since they had a buffet style. Later on tonight we also have our third day of tutoring English learners which will be very fun.