Good Evening GG Family

Today the future leaders and I experienced our first free day. With this new city, things were kind of hard to find. The whole point of a free day is for our future leaders to go out on the town and shop or do whatever they please. However, there were rules, our glimpsers had to sign out and sign back in whenever they left the hostel and could only go out in groups of four. This taught our leaders about having freedom except with boundaries . It also taught us responsibility. Leaders were to come back to the hostel fifteen minutes before each meal. (If I do say so myself I think we did a great job with the set times.) Everyone seemed to have so much fun exploring. However, I do admit things were not easy. Since our generation is so used to our  technology finding certain places was difficult. Usually you can just type an address in google maps and you’ll easily find your way. This time we were given a map and our instincts and sent on our way.

DSCF0342          DSCF0318

Personally today I had a very productive day. I did my laundry which was extremely cheap and efficient and I didn’t have to do it myself which was absolutely AWESOME. I went with three of my other fellow glimpsers which have truly become big brothers and awesome sisters. Who knew a few days in a different country can make you so open to meeting new people. However, the thing that I enjoy the most was the fact that the laundromat that I went to used its profits to give care to the mentally ill children of Nicaragua. I was doing laundry and helping out a great cause. I even went to the internet cafe to speak to my family. On behalf of all us future leaders, we miss you all and are thinking of you all the time. DON’T FRET THE GLIMPSERS AND I ARE ARE BRINGING HOME SOME GREAT STUFF!!!!!