Hello everyone. My name is Abdul Black. Today was our second free day.  It was very fun-filled. We had to wake up at  8.00 (the latest we’ve gotten to sleep on the trip so far). We went to breakfast, and immediately after we began our journey. For the most part, we stayed together as a group. It was a amazing getting out into the city and exploring. It felt care free. Most  of us didn’t have a plan or a goal for the day but all that mattered was that we were together. We shopped and shopped and we shopped some more. I spent more money today than I did my whole trip. I bought wallets for my grandfathers, bracelets for my aunties, and miscellaneous things for myself. We also searched the city for various cuisine. I had the best hot dog I have ever tasted today from Downing’s Burgers. Most people may say “Who wants to learn on a free day?” but I can say for myself and the whole group that we learned a lot. We learned to be self-sufficient and to rely on ourselves. We learned  that problems can be solved between ourselves. Life is about branching out from our “protectors” and learn on our own. We achieved this  goal today.

The hardest part about being leader of the day on a free day is being able to keep up with all the group members and where they are at all times. The way I solved this problem was by doing head counts every time we were about to go to or leave from a place. I’m proud to say that we left with 21 students and returned with 21 students. It was a pretty big feat to overcome at first but with help from my friends like Andrew and Jasmine we made it through the day. In conclusion I want to give a big birthday shout out to one of my birthday buddies Marina. We presented her with a tiara when she came downstairs for the morning meeting today. She was so surprised. I wish everyone a lovely day. Keep the posts and comments coming. God bless.

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