For the first time on our trip, we were allowed to spend our free time without the supervision of our GG leaders. Also, we were able to wake up late today and it felt amazing! Most of us went to get our nails done or to buy gifts for you all at the market. Also, some went to the internet cafe and talked to their families and friends.

Other than having fun on our free day, we also gathered up supplies for our Community Action Project (CAP). All of us are really excited to start working with the community tommorow.

Shout Outs:

Hola familia! No les pude llamar hoy porque fui a comprar sus artesanias, no se enojen todavia los amo! Tommorow empiezo ha hacer nuestro proyecto comunitario, vamos a construir un parque!  Los amo mucho, pienso en ustedes todo el tiempo! Los veo en 5 dias. Los amo byeeee -Jordan Sandoval

I’m so happy I found a phone booth in time to call you! I was worried I wouldn’t get to speak to you:( I hope Zander is having a great time at volleyball training! Talk to you soon! Parna: I found you a pen from ” Nicaragua” (; Love you all so much!xoxo – Laynie