Hello bros and brodetts of all around that are reading this because one or more of your loved ones are lucky to be on this trip. Well as you can see as the title today was a free day so there weren’t any specific events that went on as a entire group except breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A lot of the separate groups went to El Centro and bought all sorts of crazy stuff for their families and friends. They also went to other places like the cyber cafe and the super market since we were allowed to exchange money today. This week we had two birthdays in out group, one was Uriel and the other was Julissa so we all decided to throw them a small surprise party after dinner. What I am (Juan) excited about for tomorrow is going to El Cerro Negro which is a  volcano that you can sled down or practice a sport called volcano boarding and well  I cant say the the same for Andres so he will tell you now …………. Andres is looking forward for the exact same thing!