Knowing that today was going to be a Free Day, I knew that being Leader of the Day was going to be a little different than most days. I knew that I was not going to see everyone throughout most of the day. My biggest fears were not only someone was going to get injured, but also that I would fail and not accomplish any of my responsibilities. I was afraid that my peers were not going to trust me or respect me as a leader. Thankfully, none of that fears came true. My fellow Global Glimpsers stayed safe, put their trust in me, but most importantly, they enjoyed themselves. They had fun and appreciated their time exploring the city.

My adventure of Granada involved calling family members I dearly missed, purchasing chocolate products from Choco de Museo, buying souvenirs, and being captivated by the Nicaraguan scenery from the top of the bell tower. I miss my family and friends so much, and I cannot wait to reunite with them. I also hope that they like the souvenirs I bought for them. Next, Choco de Museo has some of the best chocolate products I have ever tasted. I would have never thought that chocolate tea would be tasty, but it is absolutely delicious. I bought three brownies from the store and a bag of chocolate tea. Finally, I endured a calf workout by climbing up the stairs to the top of the bell tower. The colors of the culture are amazing from the ground, but the vibrancy of the city are captivating. In addition, we took pictures with the background being the city.

A requirement for city exploration was that we had to be in groups. I was in a group with five other people: Betsy, Briana, Amina, Lily, and Kristie. These five girls made my day unforgettable. I will never forget the joy, laughter, and happiness I experienced with these people that I have become close friends with. I appreciate having each one of them in my life. It is ridiculous that strangers you thought you would have never become friends with could be people you consider a second family. Although this trip is coming to a close, these individuals hold a place in my heart. I have grown close with them and developed everlasting relationships filled with unconditional love.