Hello parents, today was our last free day. Guess what? Your kids will be coming back home in 2 nights😊 Today, the kids had the option to purchase or make black ceramic pottery. They also went to various restaurants, supermarkets and souvenir shops. We got a chance to make phone calls and get on the internet and we ended our day with a talent show at the English tutoring class. From this trip, I learned that I take a lot of stuff for granted and I aspire to do better based off how I’ve seen the lives of people in Nicaragua.-Destinee

This is Charles Phillips and I feel like everyone should get a chance to experience this trip because of my experience. On this trip, I realized that my life is extremely easy and it is only as hard as I make it.  I knew my whole perspective on life changed when we had living like a local day because I had seen families that were so happy to see me and they treated me as if I was in their family. While with the family, I felt welcome in to their home. After seeing how they live everyday, how they work, and how happy they are just shows me how great my life actually is. This trip just makes want to correct my life and appreciate all things, big or small because nothing in life is guaranteed.