Hello parents and friends!

Today, we started our second free day with wake up call at 8:00am, which was nice because we got to sleep in more. Then at 8:30, we all headed to Cafe del Tren for breakfast where we were served fruit, bread, and eggs. After breakfast, we got to go out in groups of four or more, and go wherever we desired. The majority of us went to the internet cafe for the first free portion and were able to call home which is always nice, and then we got the legendary crepes. After the morning block, we all met back at the Hotel del Tren and walked to Roma Santa for lunch. After lunch, we had even more free time to explore the city. Some people went to the Red Square where locals sell clothing, keychains, and other awesome souvenirs! Other people relaxed at the hotel, went shopping at stores, got even more crepes, and eight of us took a latin dance lesson. Afterwards, we all met back up to walk to Roma Santa for dinner.

Being the Lider Del Dia was a good and challenging experience. It was difficult because you have to put all the others before yourself and make constant reminders of the going out rules, drinking water, putting on sunscreen, making sure there’s no specific things in the food for the people with food restrictions, and making sure everyone is all set to go. However, being Lider Del Dia was a great experience because I gained a sense of responsibility and got to push myself out of my comfort zone by speaking up more and taking charge of things!