A picture of the market!

Today was a memorable and emotional day for Glimpsers, as it was the last day of saying “bye” or “adios” to our English tutoring students. Not only has it been a wonderful week to be able to grow strong friendships, this has also been an amazing, unforgettable, and once in a lifetime opportunity. In celebration for the last day of class, all of the English classes threw a party! Students and teachers brought or purchased candy and food for their class. In addition, we were able to play volleyball and other games such as Watermelon. Not only was it the last day of tutoring, it was also the second and last Free Day! Unlike the first free day, Glimpsers were able to explore and experience new things in the city of Granada, Nicaragua without a Global Glimpse leader (as long as it was in the allowed area). However, we were still assigned in groups of 4, no matter what. Glimpsers participated in activities ranging from going to different stores to purchase memorable and one of a kind souvenirs, to being able to cook with our chef, Don Carlos, and preparing amazing Gallo Pinto.

Remember.. Clear pee means a good pee!!!!!! Some may be confused of what I mean by this, but this is what I said throughout the day as it encourages people to drink more water!!