Today was one of the most relaxing days. We woke up at 8 and had fresh toast, watermelon, and bananas. Having it be one of our free days, we were able to explore the city and create an adventure. We all got into groups and discovered the many great things of Esteli. For starters, many of us went into souvenir shops to buy gifts for our loved ones. Next, it was the internet cafe to reconnect and talk to our families. Of course, the most amazing would be trying out the food. In these groups, we were able to communicate and use our leaderships skills to guide each other. However, today was not only a chill day. This evening, we had congratulated our English learning students with a certificate of completion. We were able to teach them for the last week and allow them to open up to new peers. The benefit of this class was being able to meet these amazing kids and learn more about the history of Nicaragua. It has been a joy to get out of our comfort zone and explore new challenges.