*This post is a day late due to internet connectivity issues

Hello my name is Raezhelle Madison and for August 3rd I was the Lider del Dia (Leader of the Day). At 8:30am I went around Casa Roja waking up the rest of the delegation. We followed wake up call with breakfast that was fruit from teh lovely restaurant of La Favorita. After breakfast we wall got into groups and travelled around Granada utnil lunch. Two groups went to the Waffle House and ate even more breakfast while another group went to see the views of Granada at La Merced (Bell Tower). After the groups left their first location a lot of the delegation spent the rest of their free time before lunch finishing up souveneir shopping. For lunch we all met up at La Favorita to eat rice and pulled pork at 12:45pm. After lunch half of the delegation wen to the hammock shop to pick up their hammocks/hammock chairs. The other half went to Tip Top, a chicken restaurant at the city center. Later, my group went to eat pizza at La Pizzeria – a block from the city center. At 3:45pm everyone gathered back at home to prepare for English tutoring. After ET prep we all had a sandwich from La Favorita at the hostel. By the time dinner ended we had to head to the school to begin ET at 6pm. ET went very smoothly, therefore we went to Eskimo, an ice cream parlor, near our hostel. We all safely walked back home and ended the night with the nightly meeting. In the meeting the delegation shared how their day went, and I passed the Lider del Dia torch to Patrick Romero who rapped part of “The Way” by Kehlani ft. Chance the Rapper. The night ended with us creating a flash mob surprise dance for Noelia and Athalia, our Program Coordinators.

Overall, the second free day was amazing for everyone because they followed the question of the day that was “How can you make the most of your day?” Regarding the question, everyone made the most of their day by having fun and being around those they trust which is the most important thing. That was how the free day on August 3rd went and it seemed as though everyone had a great time.

Signing off,

Raezhelle Madison