What’s up everyone? Greetings from Constanza! Today we had a free day, where we were able to explore the streets of the beautiful city of Constanza! We started our day off with cereal with milk, yogurt, and fruits for breakfast at 9:00am until 10:00am when everyone started to sign out and get ready to explore the city. However, it wasn’t individual explorations, it was in groups of 4 or more. So don’t worry guys, we were safe!

After everyone got the chance to go buy souvenirs and snacks for you guys and everyone back home, we came back a little before 12:00pm to have lunch all together. For lunch we had rice and beans, pork chops, and mixed tomatoes and cucumbers. Meal times usually last for only about an hour so after that, we went to explore the city, taking in the culture.

Explore time ended at 3:00pm when everyone had to head back to the hotel and prepare for their English tutoring classes at the Polytecnico School. Classes began at around 4:00pm and lasted until 6:00pm. Students had lots of fun teaching English to the native Spanish speakers and impacting their lives in a positive way. Arriving back at the hostel at 6:30pm, we were able to prepare for our next class by reviewing what we could improve and what worked in order to improve our teaching skills.

We finished off the day with having dinner which consisted off quesadillas with pico de gallo and a side of salad. The night ended off well with a nightly meeting where we were able to discuss about our day and how it went!