Today we went around the city of Bonao for our second free day. We all had different experiences because we went to different locations. Our group was led by Henry the ambassador and we were surrounded by our fellow glimpsers Samantha, Janeth, Sonia, Nicholas, Armin, Victoria, Jennifer, Jermaine, Jayme, Bryana, Tyler, Shiara, Sydney, and ourselves. We explored the city and we were able to go to a local super market, souvenir shops, and a local pastry shop. We also were able to play a friendly game of basketball with the local teenagers. We were able to engage in the Dominican culture throughout the day.

Throughout the day we came in contact with many Dominican people that talked to us and had a smile on their face. Even though we look like we don´t belong in this country they made us feel like we were at home. We were also able to experience what life was like during rush hour. We came across many people on their motoconchos trying to get around the city. We were surprised on how different driving laws are and how unsafe drivers can be compared to the United States.  Despite being in the rush hour we were able to come back to the fundacion 30 minutes early to relax and enjoy ourselves.

We are proud that we were open to trying new things by taking advantage of our day and soaking in every moment. We were also very patient with each other when it came to looking in different stores. All of us were flexible with each other´s schedules and we never denied someone’s choice of store. We enjoyed every moment in the city with each other despite the heat. Today was just great and we are really enjoyed the last opportunities to make unforgettable memories with each other. Oh! we almost forgot we FINALLY had an American dinner today which was fried chicken!!!!!!