Today we woke up fully rested to a beautiful morning with the sun shining down our faces around 8:30am. Our last full day was spent at the city, reflecting back for our supporters in a letter, and reviewing our English lessons. The first part of the day was busy but we got through with a nice final dinner at la Primavera. We had chicken, steak, and pork kebabs. We had grilled cheese in the morning and fish with potatoes for lunch.

This beautiful day was our last day in the city for buying gifts. We split into three groups and all groups had different tasks to complete. The first group had to buy Emily and Nacho thank you gifts. The second group had to buy our two drivers gifts for their patience. The third group was tasked with a harder task for buy a gift for the staff at La Primavera.

All in all today was a great day was a great day and a great way to end our trip. We are expected to arrive at Ohare at 2:37pm. Our flight number is UA 1160. A special happy birthday to Mary Cate’s dad! I love and miss you mom and dad!

– Joseph Verde