Today was the first day of our hastily changed dining arrangements. We took the barely one minute walk to breakfast bright and early, and were introduced to our new food providers, who had been commended by our PCs and anyone who had eaten their food. We were duly informed of our new kitchen duties, which include dish washing. From there, a large group of us left for the hardware store, in order to pick up the necessary materials for our (Community Action Project) CAP project. We were largely left to our own devices to explore the towering shelves of Dominican hardware. About an hour or so later we returned, with some electing to stay in until lunch and some opting for another trip to the local grocery store for snacks and drinks. Another walk to lunch was greeted with a new *gourmet* catered meal. Following our meal we had more free time to explore and walk around and do whatever else we pleased. Suggested by our PCs, many of us made our way to a local pastry/ sweet shop in which we enjoyed a wonderful array of filled churros, flan con leche, brownies, cheesecake, and smoothies. It’s safe to say that that little pastry shop is definitely a favorite spot among the group. After our explore time, we quickly made our way to our new English tutoring destination where we were able to meet the Global Glimpse delegation from New York as well as the students they had been teaching during their time in Constanza. We were all able to observe their classes and their teaching techniques with the hopes of learning a thing or two about what to expect for our next tutoring class! After our time in the school, we had dinner and yet again were not disappointed with the delicious meal. During our nightly meeting we discussed the events of the day as well as talked about how we think we’ve changed since our last free day. We all agreed that this free day was a lot more enjoyable, eye-opening, and inclusive than the last.