Hello family, its ya boi Vincent Thai and Adrian Siu! Today we were Leaders of the Day for Fun Day #2.  Today was pretty chill. We went to play basketball and work out with our local friends here in Constanza: Jose Rafael Victoriano and Francis Delgato. After that we had some time to just walk around and explore the city!

An inspiring person we got to meet up again was our friends Francis and Rafael. They’re really inspiring to us because they live up in the mountains and they have to walk 30 minutes to the city center everyday to get to work. This shows the dedication they have to providing for themselves and their families. This amazes us because of the conditions they have to walk in and they still manage to do it daily.

Being Leader of the Day was really easy today because everyone was on their own with their friends. Besides the occasional water call and count off, there was not much to do. (It wasn’t because we were lazy, but because the group was rarely ever together lol). The only thing we really stressed about was planning the surprise birthday party for our friend Rey T. We made a card and got the whole group to sing the birthday song to her. But besides that, we really enjoyed being Leaders of the Day!

Leader of the Day was truly an experience that we won’t forget! We both can’t wait to go home and see our families and friends! We’ll see you all soon!

Vincent and Adrian