Que lo que friends and family! Today the Glimpsers had the opportunity to go out and explore the great city of Constanza. In the morning, Glimpsers had the option to sleep-in until 9AM then come down to eat their choice of cereal and fruit. Then they were given two and a half hours to roam around in groups of four or more. Many took this opportunity to relax and stay at the hostel to talk with friends, do laundry and figure out what they wanted to do later in the day. At noon everyone had a delicious lunch of rice, salad, and fish. After lunch, another chance to go out was given to the Glimpsers, this time they had three and a half hour to do whatever they wanted. Everyone found something fun to do like shop for many of your souvenirs, get ice cream, go to the local ballpark, or to the supermarkets for snacks; others chose to take a risk and got haircuts and/or food from the local restaurants. Today was the first day glimpsers could go out without a local ambassador or leader, so they had to use their newly acquired skills to cross streets, ask for directions, and move around the city.

Since dinner was at 7pm and curfew was at 5pm, Glimpsers had an additional two hours to settle down and hang out before ending their day. Dinner consisted of rice with salami and stew and vegetables. Afterwards, the Glimpsers had their nightly meeting to discuss their day before finally going to bed. Overall, today was a day for Glimpsers to enjoy their stay here in Constanza and relax from all the hard work they’ve been doing.

We all can’t wait to see to our loved ones and tell them all our stories!