It was a peaceful morning here in the hostel, rather than the usual morning rush that usually occurs. There was no wake up call and the glimpsers were free to have breakfast were ever they pleased. Some headed to Quiro Mas as always but others went out for breakfast.


After breakfast we split up into groups and headed our sepreate ways. Most people headed to do their laundry first, since last time we did laundry some of us were surprised by the inconvenient pick up times. After laundry many headed to the central market to do some shopping for their loved ones, and were surprised by some of the sights we saw at the central market.


Like this cute little dog wearing a beanie.


Across the street from the central market there was a juice shop named Juciso where we saw our GG leader Juju with her mother and sister. We decided to try some of the juices and they were delicious. Definitely recommend the juice with strawberry and mango.


Others decided to go along with Shiloh to visit the top of the Cathedral in leon. It costed a couple Cordovas, but the view was worth it.


LeonDosFreeDay-102   LeonDosFreeDay-134


For lunch many of us have been really anxious to try a vegetarian restaurant that serves other foods besides rice and beans. The food was refreshing and good and they even arranged a birthday surprise for Sabrina who turns 17 today, with a little desert and candle. Others decided to show off their cooking skills and cooked some curry chicken at the hostel, but when that failed the women who work at the hostel were happy to help with the chicken.

Once lunch ended some of us tried to catch a movie here in leon at the cinema, but were disappointed to find that the movies ran too long. So instead went for ice cream. Others headed to the supermarket with David to buy food for dinner as well as a birthday cake for Sabrina.

The rest of the day most of us retired in the hostel till dinner time and then headed to English tutoring.

English tutoring was fun filled as usual. Some classes were quite musical. One class had some one bring in a guitar and play songs for the class. Another class had an oral presentation of the culture and traditions of Nicaragua and some students sang traditional Nicaraguan songs for their english class.

We headed back to the Hostel after English and conducted our nightly meeting. Then after the nightly meeting we had another surprise for Sabrina a ladybug cake and juice downstairs . The whole group celebrated then headed to bed early cause we needed our rest for the next day were we would be delivering our cap project.