1. “If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”- Eziequel

As leader of the day on our free day, it was slightly difficult trying to have everyone’s attention because as our trip is close to its end, and it’s emotional because we are leaving Panama, Chitre behind. Throughout the day, I feel as if I did a great job on enforcing the safety when crossing streets along with the sitting arrangement during breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. I learned that at times, it can be hard as a leader, but there are moments where anyone can be a leader and lead the way for others just with a positive and fun attitude so everyone can enjoy it. As I mentioned earlier, the glimpsers had felt sad because we all are going to miss each other. So I decided to lighten up the mood by having a positive attitude with everyone throughout the day. Going along the day, we all had time to go explore around Chitre for the last time either by buying souvenirs, getting snacks for our movie night, and even just by eating at this nice café in chitre named “Pan & Cake”. Kathy C, Kathy B, Tiffany, Shrey, Vonne, Esther and I went to go eat at the café and we all bonded by eating sweets and taking photos with each other and just having a great time. On my leader of the day, it was a fun and great experience and I honestly believe that I did a great job on being a leader with my group. This whole trip, we’ve gotten real close with each other whereas I see my fellow glimpsers are now apart of my family, they all hold a special place in my heart.