We started off the day by waking up at 8:00am and getting ready for our last free day. Due to it being our last full day, many of the girls wanted to take extra time to dress up and look nice. Once everyone was ready, we were on our way to eat a yummy breakfast at Nativas. After our breakfast everyone was able to go off and adventure out into the wonderful city of Riobamba. We went out into groups of four which gave us the freedom we all enjoyed. Each group made their own plans for today, but of course there were some rules. Many of us went on last-minute shopping sprees while others got dolled up with their new fresh haircuts. As for my wonderful group, we went out to buy souvenirs for our family and friends. We also got the amazing opportunity to stuff our faces with delicious crepes. My group ran into another Global Glimpse delegation and talked about the amazing experiences we have had on the trip so far. A lot of the groups met up with the kids from the Manitas program to catch up with the sweet children and to say our final goodbyes. After a few hours out in the city, we went back to Nativas at 12:30 and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. After lunch, each group was able to go back and continue their adventures in Riobamba. We all enjoyed our time and freedom that we had on our last full day in Ecuador. Each group tried make the last few hours of the day as fun as possible. Some people went and got their nails done and others just spent their time enjoying what the city has to offer. After free time, it was time for a dinner at Nativas that everyone seemed to love. It was pizza night and every table had plenty to eat. We ended our night with our final nightly meeting by discussing the day. Today was very bittersweet because we all enjoyed ourselves, but it is one of our last days together. Even though we are all sad that this trip is coming to an end, we are all happy to go back home and see our family and friends.