Today was defiantly a day full of laughter and adventure. Our group experienced our second Free Day, where we are able to go and adventure off into Jarabacoa and buy snacks and souvenirs for our families back home and ourselves.

In the morning we had a light breakfast of cereal and bread, and then played some card games. Some of the students went CAP shopping to get materials to start preparing for our three days of CAP ahead of us.

Then we had time to ourselves to go out with our youth ambassadors and buy things that we either wanted to being back to the hostel or to bring back home. In my group, we were able to go get souvenirs and snacks to bring back to the hostel and I was able to find something to bring back home to my family. Then our group was able to buy some dinner with the left over money that we had.

Finally, we ended the day with dinner and a fun nightly meeting, which is basically a reflection of the day with the whole group.