Hey my name is Marck Martinez and I was the leader of the day for Free Day Number 2. I’m one of the 18 Glimpsers who came out to San Juan de la Maguana and coming out to this beautiful city is an honor. Being the leader of the day was one of the biggest challenges of this trip due to the fact that you have to lead 17 of your team members. You can’t really fool around as much as you want to because if you act out everyone will be out of line. But being the leader of the day helps you take responsibility and take control of any situations we run into. Like every road we hit bumps but we always overcome our situations we run into.

Today was our second free day. Our free days gives us a day to bond and lay back as a group. Many of us connect with each other, take naps, then go explore the city with our wonderful Global Glimpse Ambassadors from D.R. and they are a group of teens who help us to explore the city, learn about the city and connect with locals like them. Then after we explore the city, we teach the wonderful locals English. I enjoy my class and the experience of teaching. I feel like I am really giving back to the community. After teaching, we go back to the hostel to eat din din like a one big happy family. After dinner we review the day and engage in a number of different activities in our nightly meetings, that help us to reflect on the day and Big Love where we show appreciation to members of our team. After the nightly meeting we end the day, go to our rooms to shower and lights out at 10:30pm.     

We are learning how to become more and more independent everyday and learning how to work with each other on an everyday basis. It’s been a great experience being leader of the day.