Hi everyone, Nathaniel here! Today was a free day, a beloved holiday cherished by all of us Glimpsers. We got some much needed rest because we got to sleep in until 8:00! Wow! Our food providers greeted us with some delicious oatmeal and cereal for breakfast (lactose free milk was available). Most of us stayed at the hostel in the morning to relax and call home, but a small group of Glimpsers involved in the logistics of our CAP project went out with our PC, Karen, to get materials for the following days’ work. We all met back up at the hostel to share what we had managed to grab for the CAP. The generous donations from the Glimpsers allowed us to REALLY splurge and get the “good stuff” (acrylic paint). We had some fish and rice for lunch before getting ready to go out. Sadly, this was our last opportunity to have explore time in Jarabacoa, so we made the most of it. We spent time at our favorite smoothie shop, La Melaza, shopped for souvenirs at some local stores, ate delicious cinnamon buns, and watched Casey and Quang get haircuts from a Jarabacoan barber shop.

After explore time, we had some quiet time back at the hostel to get ready for dinner. Kelly almost had a heart attack after seeing Megan’s new eight-ball-and-playing-card tattoo before realizing it was just a prank (that Cara helped us carry out). We had pumpkin and chicken for dinner, and we got to watch the most beautiful sunset of our trip so far. A lot of Glimpsers died (including myself) in the second round of our murder game, but after only one day of murdering, Jackie was exposed as the murderer by Natali. At our nightly meeting, I passed the Líder del Día torch to Quang and Casey after everyone got to see their breathtaking talent. We ended the night with some great karaoke performances from our Glimpsers and GGLs (our apologies to the other guests staying at this hostel).

Thanks for reading this short but sweet blog post and following along with our adventures. We’re sad to be leaving the DR so soon but we are looking forward to seeing you all at the end of the week!

Thanks for all your love and support!

Nathaniel Scott