Today we had our second free day during our trip. Everyone had the opportunity to sleep in and have a self-serve breakfast. We made phone calls home and prepared two English lesson plans for our next classes with our partners. Before we had free time, we ate a big lunch. Then everyone got into groups and spent a few hours out with the ambassadors. Some people spent their free day eating out, eating ice cream, buying souvenirs, and getting nails done. As our day ended we went to English tutoring class and we walked back to accommodations to have dinner. Finally, we ended our night with our daily nightly meeting.

Our question of the day was: What have you learned since you’ve been here and how have you changed since then? Throughout the day we reminded the group about this question until we discussed it during our nightly meeting. So everyone had to answer this and everyone mainly said they have to be more grateful for things they have and be more aware of the things they see. We noticed we are all learning more about ourselves during this trip. Also, when we return to the US we are going to find some way to appreciate what we have and try to do more for others.

The pros and cons of the day are one pro is getting everyone to wake and come to breakfast on time and we had time to hang out with others. In addition, our materials group for our CAP project was able to purchase the materials that we will be using for the three days of our project, which will begin tomorrow morning. A con was the tight schedule with having free time and then having English tutoring right after was hard and we were late which we felt really bad about so we apologized. We can’t wait to go home, but we don’t want to leave the DR because of the amazing people and culture they have here.