As our time closes in the wonderful city of Jinotega and in the beautiful country of Nicaragua, emotions of the group and the city change. We as a group begin to realize the great experience of this trip is going to go away, and the city begins to rain and darken the mood of me and my fellow glimpsers even more. However this free day was much earned and well spent. Most all of the glimpsers went to the best coffee store in Jinotega, Soppexcca. After finishing our delicious beverages we dispersed throughout the city to finish or even start buying souvenirs for the ones back home.

Once returning from our first period of free time, we ate a tasty plate of pasta, vegetables, and rice with a glass of juice made from an mystery fruit. Right after lunch, we headed downstairs to make our very own leadership necklace. During our second period free time others continued to buy souvenirs while others explored the city even more. After using our last minutes of free time in Jinotega we return to write letters to people who helped us, in some way, be apart of this trip. After the letters of reflection and thanks we began to gather downstairs and have the last conversations of the trip even though some might not  realize it. But just like everything that once started, our trip is coming to an end. Jinotega has given us great experiences and great memories.