Hi everybody,

It’s Zack here from the Dominican Republic. Today our wake up call was at 8:30 and we needed that because yesterday was a long day. Then we had breakfast, for breakfast, we had cornflakes and fruit (: After breakfast, we had time to get our laundry ready, call home and hangout until lunch. After lunch, we were supposed to have explore time but a situation came up and we couldn’t have explore time. At the hostel, we played card games (which I am great at) and just chilled for a while. Big love to one of our GGLs Emily for taking 18 of us shopping because we had no explore time. When we got back our other GGL Angie had us do an activity where you pick a name out of a hat and write a seed of greatness for our fellow glimpsers. Below are pics of our PCs Irene and Jorge. A big thanks to them for doing such a great job helping everyone and making our time here much better.

That is all from me and I hope the rest of our time here is fun and smooth.