This morning on our 2nd free day in I woke up before my alarm went off, but still managed to get quite good sleep because our wake up call was from 7:30-8:30. Waking everyone up was quite simple, everyone was up on my first round.

To begin our free day, the group went to drop off their laundry. From there, most of the group and even the GGL’s and PC’s went to Pan&Cake, a quite joyful place to eat breakfast. I got omelet con pancakes with fruit punch. From there, my group of 4 went on a search for a nail salon to get the paint off our nails from the cap project, but we were unsuccessful because none of the salons were open. After our search, we went to a local recreational center to play some basketball for a decent amount of time then we went back to the hotel where I took a well-needed nap in my nice and chilled air-conditioned room.

When I woke up the laundry was delivered to the hotel and from there I showered to get ready for our last day of English tutoring, where the students received a certificate for their participation in the program. After every tutoring session, everyone is great vibes on the very short bus ride back to the hotel. From there we immediately ate dinner, which was, I believe, Chicken Alfredo, salad and bread. After dinner, we had our daily nightly meeting in which we talked and reflected upon our day. Finally, I am here writing this blog to show my parents I am still alive because I did not call.