Today, on the second and last free day, I was the leader of the day.  On that day, some of the students spent some of that time buying supplies for Los Calabazos.  They bought supplies for the project that we were working on – our Community Action Project (CAP). For this project, we are reconstructing the stairs at the entrance to Los Calabazos, in addition to making a sign to signify the entrance to the community.  But, if I’m being honest, I had a bit of a difficult experience as the leader of the day. Since it was a free day, the other Glimpsers were harder to manage and, at one point, I got really frustrated and wasn’t sure what to do. At that point, I learned that not everything goes as planned.  I was stressed but I woke up the next day feeling better, knowing that I gave it my best. Mind you this is the first time I led a large group of people so it was a lot of pressure, and I think it affected me more than I anticipated. All in all, it was a tough but educational experience being the leader of the day.