After a long wait and many requests, this is Genesis Familia!

Today was our second to last full day here in the wonderful city of Constanza. Therefore, what better way to spend the day than going to the pool and enjoying the city. The day started with an early morning wake up and breakfast at 7 but the rest of the morning was spent at the Family Club of Constanza. Here’s a picture featuring all of our beautiful faces.

Following the long and incredibly fun morning in the Family Club, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Dilennia’s Restaurant. We ate “La Bandera” which is rice with beans and chicken. Although lunch is always great, the weather on the other hand did not mirror the amazing food. Fortunately for us, all of the rain and thunder cleared up before 2:00pm meaning we got to enjoy many hours exploring the city of Constanza. Many girls did their nails, including myself. Most got ice cream and got to shop for everything they wanted and needed. It felt comforting getting to walk around a place I am slowly beginning to call home due to the familiarity.

Tomorrow, on our last full day there is a lot scheduled. We have English Tutoring Graduation as well as our final reflection and dinner. After getting to explore today and buy decorations for our very special day tomorrow, we settled down and ate dinner, which included mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Then we had one of our last scheduled nightly meetings where we laughed, cried, and gave out hugs because the trip is almost over.