Our second free day has come to an end, and we all had a blast with our free time in this wonderful country! Some of us went back to Nutre Hogar to play with the children, and some of us went around town for food and souvenirs.

After a full day of being the Líderes Del Día, we have found that it is hard to round up a group of people our age, and it is a big responsibility to make sure everyone has water and other critical things to keep them healthy. Today was also our last day of tutoring, and the past week has given us a new perspective on how hard it is for a teacher to teach new material when students are not familiar with the subject. It was fun to help the students learn another language, and even more fun getting to know them, playing soccer, and playing other games with them. Despite a few people not feeling their best, we managed to push through and have a great time.

Katherine: Shoutout to my family who I miss a lot. I can’t wait to see you guys! Give Ziggy and Daisy hugs and kisses for me.

Brittany: Shoutout to my family who made this possible, and also the Heckscher’s program, who have pushed me through this journey. Miss my teachers, especially Miss Shedden, Scott and Torres – thank you for the support. I appreciate it a lot! And also big shoutout to my Wooooooo gang!