Today was very different for everyone, as it was either long or it was quickly over, it was either fun or it was frustrating, and it was either tiring or it was exciting. All of this somehow came on a “free day.” We got to sleep in for the first time in awhile, waking up at 8:15 am and walking to Rosaura’s by 9:00 am. Breakfast was good to everyone as Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops brought smiles to our taste buds and faces. Ice was even put in a few bowls to chill the warm milk that was served.

After breakfast some of us had free time, while members of the management team for our CAP joined Suarez community members in purchasing all our materials. This task put a lot of pressure on our fluent Spanish speakers to translate and communicate, and they did a fantastic job. Keeping everything under budget was one of the hardest and most frustrating tasks. In the end, they all came back successful.

Those of us back at the hostel enjoyed our time napping, playing chess, or just talking with friends. Then we all enjoyed a lunch of rice, beans, meatballs, and macaroni salad. After lunch we had explore time, where many people got ice cream, went to the park, or shopped for souvenirs. Many people went out with ambassadors, who are all super impactful on our trip. We have all reflected that getting to know people our age has been one of the best parts of the trip.
The second half of our day consisted of English tutoring. This was our fourth tutoring session, and we are all connecting more and more with our students. Personal interactions with students have truly been valued by all of us glimpsers and we have made new friends with our students and learned loads from them. Today’s tutoring session was slow for most today due to fatigue, yet we all pulled it together to put our best foot forward for the students and our partner ambassadors. Our ambassadors are quickly becoming close friends, and we are extremely grateful for their help in the classroom. After a restful free day we are looking forward to diving into deconstructing poverty and global business tomorrow.