Today was the second free day of the trip! We were super excited to go out by ourselves (no GGL leaders) in groups of four and explore the wonderful city of Riobamba.

We started the day off at 8:30 (latest start of the trip), which everybody was extremely grateful for! We had a delicious breakfast at Roma Santa made by the beautifully talented Isabella, which consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese tamales, strawberries, and grapes to give us great energy throughout the day. After breakfast, we headed out in groups of four or more and were finally given the freedom to explore on our own. Some of us went out to enjoy some freshly made crepes, coffee from Cafe Paris (which is better than Starbucks), and got to call home. After two free hours, we returned to the hotel where we reunited with the rest of the group. We then headed to Roma Santa to enjoy the delicious meal Isabella had prepared for us. We had pork chop, rice, beans, plantains, and quinoa soup paired with popcorn on top. After we were done eating, we continued our free day. Some of us headed to Plaza Roja, where we had the opportunity to shop for our families and friends, while others went to La Avenida where the Riobamba sign is located and got to take beautiful pictures while exploring. After exploring the city of Riobamba and making lasting memories, we ended our day with an Ecuadorian dish in which Isabela gave lasagna a twist by substituting potatoes for pasta, with a side of broccoli and carrots. Afterwards, we returned to El Tren Dorado and had our nightly meeting, in which we all shared our our adventurous activities throughout the day and got to prepare for the next day. We passed the torch to Kayla, Charliz, and Kim, who will lead us on a unforgettable trip to Chimborazo tomorrow!

From your leaders of today, Emely and Gaby <3

p.s. we miss you guys dearly and can’t wait to tell you about this amazing trip