My time as Lider Del Dia was a rocky road due to becoming slightly under the weather. Today was our last free day in Bonao which is exciting because we had the ability to explore the city but sad because it was our last time going out on the town with the people we went on this journey with. The most surprising thing is how flexible everyone was to me not being able to fully fill my LDD duties and the willingness to help. The growth of our group is a beautiful thing and to see the ability to adjust, adapt and improvise can surely be attributed to this trip and the time we have spent bonding. Everyone showed up for me in my time of need and literally everyone showed compassion and I couldn’t be prouder of the unity we created. Most importantly the relationships we developed in the past 15 days and the lessons we learned. The last thing to complete our day is one last dinner with all the ambassadors and to party one more time before we make our trip home. Being Lider Del Dia showed me leadership skills I didn’t know I had such as the ability to engage others and create structure and unity among a group which I plan to carry everyday due to the need our world has for leaders.