[Posted late due to lethargy!]

Hello, family and friends! We started off the day by waking up at 8am followed by a breakfast at 8:30am. We ate eggs, toast, and ham with some fruit. After this, we all split up into groups of four or more, some going back to NutreHogar (an organization that takes care of malnourished/mistreated children). Others went shopping for souvenirs in Las Tablas. After we reconvened for lunch at 12:45 we split up again for our next 7 hours of free time. Some of us hit the courts for 6 whole hours and still made time to go eat massive burgers and papas locas. We all went for a nice evening outing to Feretti where we had ice cream and a runway show. At the end of the night we had lights out at 11:30pm and we all got to hang out. We’re looking forward to hanging out at Playa Uverito tomorrow, hoping for a fun time that will close a most memorable time here in Las Tablas.