Today was a free day but we still had a Question Of The Day. The Question Of the Day was do you think Favianna Rodriguez was afraid to stand up for what she believed in? Favianna is a girl born from an immigrant couple and is inspired to make her voice heard about immigration through art. Focusing on the little reasons why people migrate, we also got a better understanding on how the global businesses are ran and how money is distributed throughout the world. Learning that whatever we go and buy really isn’t benefiting the world but just the U.S. We have things made in other countries for cheap and pay ridiculous prices for them in the states. Therefore it doesn’t benefit anyone globally except the U.S. They claim its for the sake of our jobs but they don’t want to be exposed for there wrongful doing. If we have immigrants migrating to the U.S why not try to find out whats causing them to migrate and find a solution. You don’t just build a wall thats going to be broken down some day and dehumanizes people in Mexico. It would cost less for the U.S to help get money going around the world than to waste it on a wall. At the beginning of the day I wasn’t feeling well but Im okay now and learning a lot. I had to learn the hard way that mangos isn’t my thing. I wasn’t able to attend the dance classes that was voluntary but I heard they learned the Bachata.


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