Hola! Today was Free Day! We started off the day with an amazing surprise from the owner of the Comedor; before breakfast, he presented a Birthday Cake and gifts for the three birthday celebrations for Althea, Anita, and Kyna! Some people ate the breakfast at the Comedor, which was cereal, toast, bananas, and milk; whereas other Glimpsers saved their appetite for the “All You Can Eat Chocolate Breakfast Buffet”. It was yum, yum in our tum, tums. After breakfast, we split off into groups of 4 or more to experience the Granadan way of life. Some spent their morning free time eating at the buffet and calling home at the internet cafe. Later, we met up for lunch at the Comedor and had a variety of meats and vegetables. It was delicioso. Then, we split up to adventure around Granada during our second free time. Oh my word, was it HOT, HOT, HOT. Some people went to the Spa to chill at the pool, while others returned to Cafe de las Sonrisas to order and pick-up hamacas; it was a very relaxing day. We then continued with dinner, which consisted of beans, ham, and bread. Finally, we had another English Tutoring Session where we taught English to a group of University students. After our Nightly Meeting, the cake was shared and everybody got ready for bed. We will be looking forward to what is in store for tomorrow!

P.S. Jon says Happy Birthday to his lovely sister!

P.P.S. Chelsea says Happy Belated Birthday to her cute little sister!