Free Day was such a wonderful day to explore, shop and most of all meet new friends. Free Day was the day to talk to the peers that you haven’t had the chance to get to know very well. That was my main goal and focus on this day as a leader. I wanted people to get out of their comfort zone and be comfortable with someone else. That is exactly was I did as well. I went out shopping with some of the students I haven’t got the chance to talk to. We went to an Internet Cafe, Supermarket, and The Market. The Internet Cafe was a good time because We were finally able to communicate with our Friends and Family. After the Internet Cafe,We went to the Supermarket since it is less than a block away. We bought some goodies to satisfy out hunger. After the Supermarket, We went to the market which was a long way from the Supermarket. At the market, we bought some nice things and had nice conversations with ourselfs. We toured around the market and Jinotega itself. It’s beautiful if you take it slow and let it soak in. After walking around for 2-3 hours, we headed back home. It was a fun filled day and we got to explore Jinotega more. It’s the little things in life that we have to appreciate like walking with friends or making a kids day by playing soccer with them. Nicaragua has showed us to step out of our comfort zone and be a better person every other day.