***REMINDER – We will be returning on WEDNESDAY night on FLIGHT AA 275, eta 11:35pm. Please track the flight and plan to pick up your student ~30 min after arrival to allow for baggage. THANKS! – Amanda and Dani***

Today was free day so there isn’t much to say due to the fact that we all went out in different groups to different places to explore Léon. The group I was with today mainly spent most of the time we had in the Central Park. The highlight of my day was finally having the time to get the souvenirs I wanted to get for my family, but unfortunately to my dismay this little girl named Edith who I saw in one of the stands working with her mom the last time I went to Central Park was at school today and I was real sad that I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to her. Another highlight of my day was seeing lightning while we were all exploring. Today was also one of our last days together and we are all eager to come home and see our families. I know that I can’t wait to finally see my family again because I really miss them and hope they are eager to see me!

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