Today was our first free day! Unlike our usual jam-packed days, we were able to relax a bit and take our morning at a slower pace. After breakfast, we were given a choice to be in one of two groups, and each one was able to explore different parts of Jinotega.

cafe and bakeryOne group paid a return to SOPEXXCA, the coffee shop which we had previously visited on Global Business day. Many of us restocked on chocolate and sampled some of the coffee drinks. After that, we headed to the “mall” of Jinotega, known as Punta Moda, to check out the latest styles of Jinotega. The group then visited Don Colocho, a coffee shop that serves ice cream and pastries as well as coffee – Jinotega’s version of Starbucks! Next, we went to the local bakery, as well as a smoothie shop called Fruitissimo’s, before finally returning to the comedor to get lunch.

The other group, meanwhile, went to a souvenir shop right next door to the hostel, which offered a variety of traditional Nicaraguan clothing. The next stop on the journey was the craft store, where some of the Glimpsers bought some supplies for their upcoming English tutoring sessions. Afterwards, they headed to the internet café, to satisfy their internet needs after being away from it for six days. They ended their excursion with some phone calls to those back home.

After lunch, more free time was given to the Glimpsers, and some were able to get their nails done, while others visited the souvenir shop. Others stayed at the hostel to relax and stock up on energy for tomorrow’s busy activities. After everyone regrouped, we split up into our English tutoring groups to prepare our lesson plans for tomorrow’s English class.

internet cafe getting a manicure