Today was once another “Fun Day” for the group. We woke up at around 7:30 am, and once we were all showered and ready to go we were then headed to Quemaito Beach in Barahona. It was about an Hour and a Half ride.  Once we arrived to Quemaito, the View was amazing, almost like something you see in a brochure. Quemaito is nothing like the first beach we visited ergo its name “Quemaito” which means to be burned in Spanish. So we all definitely lathered up on the sunscreen!

Another big difference in this beach was the rocky ocean floor. We had to keep a more cautious eye out when we were swimming, although I do have a few cuts to show for it. But that didn’t stop all of us from getting out there and swimming and having a good time. The good thing about the rocky floor was all the cool shaped rocks we found, especially one I found somewhat carved in the shape of a heart. After all the fun in the water we had yet another delicious meal from our food wonderful Provider Sheila, and after eating we were off once again to our Larimar workshop.

The Larimar stone is a unique one considering it is only found and mined here in the Dominican Republic. The business we visited was family ran & operated and they allowed us to choose from a variety of larimar stones to be cut to any shape we wanted. Hearts, triangles, ovals, you name it. Definitely a worthwhile piece of the DR I’ll be able to take home with me.

Now after another 2-hour drive back home, and a great dinner our GG Leaders treated us to a fun evening. Since today was the Eve of The Day of San Juan we all headed to the town square and danced, laughed, and genuinely had fun! The perfect way to end a great day indeed. Today was just another example of how the DR never ceases to amaze me. Back home in the US we definitely live more complex lives, but here in San Juan I’m reminded of how simplicity can be just as effective.IMG_8285IMG_8311 IMG_8271 IMG_8191