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Hello family and friends!

Today was our second free day of the trip. If you haven’t read the post on the first free day, here’s a summary: we have no set schedule and the glimpsers are free to do whatever they want. This day was a blessing after the three CAP days we just had. After all the hard work we put into the two murals, signs, and teaching the kids, a free day was exactly what our group needed. We started the day at 8AM and had a breakfast of gallo pinto, quesadilla, tortilla, and banana. Afterwards, some of the glimpsers decided to head off to do laundry while others headed back to the hostel and composed our first draft letters to our donors. For lunch, we regrouped and enjoyed a meal of kabobs. After lunch, the group again split up into separate little ones. Just to list some of the activities performed today, various glimpsers visited the internet café, the supermarket, Jugoso (an amazing smoothie establishment), Tip Top (a fried chicken restaurant), and went to the central plaza to buy more souvenirs. After our dinner of hot dogs, it was time to head to our second to last day of English tutoring. Today, all the classes had a special lesson plan: to prepare a performance. Since tomorrow will be our last day with our students, we decided that all the classes should prepare something for a talent show. Performances we will be expecting to see tomorrow are the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, some singing performances, and more.

All in all, everyone enjoyed their free day because it was nice to not have a really packed schedule. Tomorrow, on the other hand, will be action-packed because we will be hiking up the Cerro Negro volcano and go volcano boarding down. Expect lots of cool pictures and hasta luego!