Hi friends, family and Global Glimpse fans.

Today was our second free day. We woke up at 8:00 and got ready by 9:00 to go to eat breakfast. Since no one went to eat breakfast to the comedor “La Favorita,” most of the glimpsers, including myself went to the Choco Museo & café. The glimpsers ate things from chocolate waffles to ham and cheese omelets to amazing coffee and cacao tea. After breakfast, the glimpsers separated into groups of four or more to go to the places that they desired. I went to the Mombacho Cigar Factory and got a free tour to see how they make the cigars. Other people went to different stores to buy souvenirs to remember Nicaragua. Many of us connected with the locals and learned more about the global businesses here in Granada.

After lunch, we came to the hostal and prepared for our last English class. It was sad saying good bye, but we took lots of pictures to remember them. Then we headed to the comedor La Favorita and had a delicious dinner of carne asada.

pictures will be posted soon!!

Love, Roberto.